Sustainable Fashion, Sustainable Food – we believe in both!

Posted on June 13 2016

We truly do practice what we preach. We believe in making sustainable choices in all aspects of our lives – from the fabric and manufacturing practices of our clothes, to our daily routines and even our food!

One way to make sustainable choices with food is by choosing to shop local – buying fresh food directly from local farmers, bakeries and markets. Thankfully as we make our way into the summer months here in Canada, we have plenty of choices when it comes to local produce. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite seasonal fruits and veggies below. Be sure to look for them at your local grocery stores and markets!




















If you're looking for inspiration on how to use fresh produce, visit our brand ambassador Tosca Reno’s page for some truly amazing recipes and advice. Her approach to nutrition isn’t about depriving yourself; it’s about eating clean and giving your body what it needs to thrive. Tosca’s Eat-Clean diet focuses on choosing fresh, whole foods with all their nutrients in tact. And what better choice than local produce fresh from the farm!


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