I have been converted. I love deep purple (the colour, not the band)

Posted on June 24 2014

My first week at Miik, Bonnie, our fantastic office manager, helped me to choose some new clothes. I only gave her one condition: I don't wear orange or purple. Well, I would still take some serious convincing to wear orange, but I have been converted by the purple in our new fall line. Our new deep purple is g o r g e o u s -- and that means a lot coming from a life-long purple-phobic like me!

Just to prove my new-found love for deep purple to you, here's a shot of me in my newest Miik piece this morning (obviously ignore the racks of clothes around me, the iphone in my hand and the fact that I am not a professional model):


As it turns out, deep purple makes me feel fantastic! Happy, vibrant, energized. This colour, in combination with our super soft, rayon from bamboo fabric is a dream. You need some deep purple in your life too. Image a drab winter morning; you wake up in the dark, shower in the dark and get ready to head out into the grey...a deep purple piece is going to cheer you right up. A purple Lea or Lilith tank under a suit? Perfect! Or what about a purple cardi with jeans? Our deep purple Sandy tunic looks amazing over black leggings or skinny jeans. Maybe you already love purple, or maybe you're like me and need a little convincing, but I think we could all use a little more deep purple in our lives! (Bonnie, you were right)

Miik's deep purple swatch:

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  • Iva: October 05, 2012

    Good for you! Taking chances is what life is all about, in clothing if it doesn’t work out you just take the piece off. If it does work out, you feel better and walk a little taller and a hell of a lot more confident.
    Iva Grbesic
    One Chic Mom

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