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Do you ever feel too busy?

Posted on June 24 2014

Do you ever get the feeling that life is getting away from you? That you're running and running and never catching up? The women I meet through Miik are amazing multitaskers, and I have a feeling some of them can relate to the way I'm feeling today.

I've been feeling like that this week. It's not like me -- I usually enjoy being busy. In a way, I thrive on it. But I am also a big planner, so when things don't go according to plan...I sometimes struggle. I work at the Miik studio two full days a week. I know for most people, working outside the home two days a week doesn't sound like a lot (I do some work from home too, as needed). I balance my Miik work with having three little kids (nobody in full-time school yet), helping my husband with his business and then all the regular stuff that life throws your way -- errands, volunteer commitments, the odd class for work, and of course glamorous "mum" stuff like housework, food prep, scheduling the kids lives (but not over scheduling!), laundry, grocery shopping, making sure everyone has boots and cold-weather gear as November closes in, plus being a helpful daughter/sister/neighbour/friend. It's not rocket science, I know, but it's all stuff that matters and that gets noticed more when it doesn't get done than when it does.

This week, to add a level of complexity to all of this regular stuff, my husband had a  much-needed tonsilectomy surgery. He works freelance, so coordinating his schedule and our budget to make room for this operation and recovery was a big deal. But it had to be done. I had my tonsils out at age five and remember a fun nurse who did Donald Duck impressions, lots of popsicles, and being able to watch as much tv as I liked for a couple of days. Surprisingly, having your tonsils out at 37 is a lot less fun. Did you know that? When the surgeon came out of the O.R. to let me know how the operation had gone, he said, "And don't forget this recovery is going to be hell." I giggled a little at the time, but now I realize he meant it! First of all, there is no overnight stay after a tonsilectomy where we live. You get a couple of hours in a hospital bed, a prescription for pain killers and antibiotics, and a pamphlet with basic instructions like "no popcorn". Five days after the surgery, my husband is still in a haze of pain, strong medication that leaves him feeling terrible, and unable to eat or sleep or do anything but moan in bed. I feel for him and, selfishly, I feel for me because it's not easy being one-parent down in a busy household of five. Thankfully I have had help from the grandparents and I have fantastic friends and neighbours who have offered to lend a hand if needed this weekend.

Anyway, this is what I mean by life getting away from me. Usually, I find lots of ways to find fun in the business of everyday life, but this week is not fun. Do you ever feel like the only way you're going to find some time for yourself in life is by learning to give up sleeping? I have been trying to get to a yoga class since August (no joke!). I think I should just give up and get myself a yoga DVD to do while simultaneously cooking dinner, folding laundry, helping kids build Lego structures, and handling some communications work for Miik (I can do that with voice recognition software on my ipad, right?). Tonsilectomy aside, I know I'll look back on these busy years with little kids as some of the most important and valuable of my life (according to my mum and grandmother, anyway!). But sometimes I just have one of those weeks! This is one. Let's hope next week is not.


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