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Miik and Slow Fashion

Posted on June 24 2014

Much like the slow-food movement, the slow-fashion movement is an initiative to help reduce fashion's impact on the environment. I've been increasingly interested in learning ways to help rather than harm the earth in recent years and have adopted several changes in my personal life. I am far from perfect and I'm not a total hippy, but I now make rather than buy a lot of household essentials (laundry detergent, cleaning solutions, bread, yogurt, jam, granola, tomato sauce, pickles, etc.). This way I create less waste and rely less on petroleum-based production and transportation processes. In the early days of DIYing, it felt a little more like work than fun, but now making these things for the household is just a part of my routine and I truly see the benefits (and feel proud of what I make!). Having kids has helped me to reduce my dependence on things that I used to see as essential -- like automatically using the clothes dryer and picking up packaged, pre-made foods. Being a parent can have the wonderful effect of helping you to look at your life and the world you live in and trying your best to make sure they are both what you want your children to experience. After all, monkey see, monkey do.

It wasn't until last year that I started thinking about how I might introduce a little of this new philosophy into my wardrobe. As a mum, I was so busy and immersed in details of daily life that I found myself adding "new clothes" to my grocery list rather than paying any special attention to my wardrobe. I was at the grocery store all the time anyway, and it was just easy to throw a few tops from a nearby rack onto the conveyer belt at the check out. The pieces were cute and super budget friendly (or so I thought at the time). "What a deal! This is too cheap to pass up -- and for this price it doesn't matter if I don't wear it much!" I'd say to myself. But when I started to really do the math, I realized that if I was only wearing my $17 top four times before it developed a hole or faded to a blah colour, it probably wasn't such a good deal after all. Because I'd need another $17 top pretty soon...and before I knew it I had a sizeable collection of $17 tops that were basically unwearable. A search for an alternative lead to me start considering the slow fashion movement, and eventually to Miik.

Don't get me wrong, I still grab the odd item from that area between the freezer section and the cereal aisle. Just the other day I took a chance on a pair of super cute pyjamas and felt great in them. Cute stuff! But generally speaking, I am trying to be more conscious when I shop for clothes, the same way I'm conscious when I'm shopping and preparing food for my family. I want to shop local when I can, and I want to buy sustainably sourced fabrics and items that are ethically made with quality in mind, so I can wear clothing for months and years instead of days and weeks. Have you ever read up on how many pounds of clothing North Americans throw away every year? The statistics are scary and Miik wants to be part of the solution, not the problem. We don't design to trend, so you'll look as nice in your Miik top next winter as you do today. With proper care our fabrics don't fade, and we are working hard to make sure our quality is reliable so you can enjoy your Miik outfits season after season.

Have you introduced any earth-friendly practices to your life, house or wardrobe? I'd love to hear about them.


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