Miik Mother's Day Contest

Posted on June 24 2014


This weekend we're celebrating inspiring moms everywhere! Tell us a little about what Mother's Day means to you and you could win $200 to spend at www.miik.ca.


Write about what Mother's Day means to you in the comments section of this blog (to the right!) or by posting on our Facebook page, and we'll enter you in a random draw for $200 to spend on our website. Share the prize with your mom or daughter, or simply spoil yourself!


Fine print: One entry per person. Prize has no cash value. All clothing items are subject to availability. Draw will take place on Tuesday, May 14, 2013. One winner only. $200 is the total retail value of this prize (redeemable at miik.ca only). Miik reserves the right to refuse entries. Odds of winning depends on the number of entries.


  • Danielle: May 12, 2013

    It is incredible the depth a mother’s love has. My mother has taught me everything – from what unconditional love is, how to live morally, how to survive, that there is good in the world, how to tie my shoes and so much more. I only hope that I can give back to her even a fraction of what she has given to me. Mother’s Day is one day of the year that allows us to celebrate the wonderful women in our life who created us all at once, however I don’t believe that one day can do it justice.

    I only hope that one day I can provide just as much love and guidance to my child as my mother has provided to me and I hope we can recognize mother’s more than one day of the year!

  • MJ Moore: May 11, 2013

    My mom is inspiring! She taught herself so much, and us kids as well- all 5 of us! She continues to look for new ways to express herself. Now that we kids are grown, she has written several novels! I hope I can continue to grow and learn my whole life, too :)

  • Verna Kulish: May 11, 2013

    When my boys were first born and I first became a mother, I was so excited about Mother’s Day. I then realized it was so much work – trekking babies to my mom’s and then trekking babies to my in-laws. It was a rude awakening that Mother’s Day isn’t for me! It made me a little sad, actually.

    As my boys have gotten bigger, they have made up for all those treks to see grandma’s and in-laws and they have shown me the love that I have shared with them. Mother’s day often becomes Mother’s Weekend for us and I am so blessed!

    This allows me to reflect on being a mother and makes me thankful for the mother I have, the mother-in-law who brought up my wonderful husband and how both have allowed us to become parents to two amazing boys who reflect my love every day.

    Mother’s Day is about anyone who is a mom, has a mom or wants to be one!

  • Carol Taylor: May 11, 2013

    Mother’s Day means to me that my children are going to invest their time to spend with me, over the years they have given large and small presents and sometimes nothing at all when their purse straps were tight. They have always been there, they spend their time and that is my best gift ever. I just lost my Mother and I’m so glad I always had time for her.

  • Lisa McLachlan: May 10, 2013

    Mother’s Day means….honouring my mom, mother-in-law, sister-in-laws, my friends who are moms, and moms in general. Oftentimes, we really don’t give ourselves enough time to pause, and celebrate us. Mother’s Day is our day to do this celebration.

  • Laura: May 10, 2013

    I’m so grateful to be a mother! There was a time when we thought we may not be so fortunate. We now have very busy 8 and 6 year olds and can’t imagine a day without them! True blessings we will slow down on Mother’s Day and enjoy a movie and some popcorn together!

  • Heather Corbin: May 10, 2013

    Mother’s Day encourages me to step back and appreciate all the moms in my life, past and present… my own Mom, my aunts, my Grandma, my Nana, friends’ moms, and all the terrific moms I’m lucky enough to hang out with now that I’m a mother myself. I see that the way everyone “mothers” is as unique as the moms themselves, and I marvel at how much creativity, passion and humour exists in this world of mothers I live within.

  • Amanda : May 10, 2013

    Mother’s Day means I have a chance to spoil my mom. She’s a trail blazer (think Peggy Olsen), a riot (last Christmas she hurt her hip dancing to Gangnam Style), a lifesaver (she’s kept me alive during my darkest days), and an all around wonderful person (ask anyone!). I have a really terrific mom and I can’t wait to celebrate her this Mother’s Day.

  • Jessica Higgins: May 10, 2013

    Mother’s Day, to me, is a chance to really reflect on how mothers change lives. I try to show my mother how much I love and appreciate her on a daily basis, but on this day, I like to think of my mother’s role in the past, the present, and the future, and to give thanks for that.

  • Ingrid: May 10, 2013

    Mother’s day is a chance for me to tell my mom how much I love her, and how much her love/support/guidance means to me. She has been an amazing role model for me as a woman and mother, and she is a fantastic Nana to my kids. I’m so lucky to have a happy healthy family and mother’s day is a good reminder to be thankful! And hey, if I get breakfast in bed too, that’s fine with me :-)

  • Nicole: May 09, 2013

    Mother’s Day to me is a chance to honour the amazing woman around us. Those who provide us with advice whether or not we ask for it, who hug us when we need it, and lend us support everyday. Whether they have children of their own or not they are the ones who I honour on Mother’s Day.

  • Rebecca sutherland: May 09, 2013

    Sleep. Mother’s Day means sleeping in. My son is only 16months old so I look forward to future mother’s days with homemade cards and crafts!

  • Melanie Gaudun: May 09, 2013

    For me, Mother’s Day is about remembering how fortunate I am to have such a loving, generous, supportive, selfless Mom who helped provide everything I need to thrive in this world — and thanking her for it. It is also about remembering how lucky I am that my own sweet, amazing little girl chose me to be her Mama!

  • Vanessa: May 09, 2013

    Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate ourselves and the “mothers” who helped make us who we are… It is often said that friends are the family we choose. In addition to my own fabulous mother I am fortunate to have several other “mothers” who have helped and guided me through the years and on Mother’s Day I think of each and every one of them. It also goes without saying that it’s hopefully a day where I’ll get to sleep in, even just for 20 minutes :)

  • Lorah: May 09, 2013

    Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the wonderful women in my life. This day used to be a celebration of my mother and grandmother and now it’s grown to celebrating so many amazing women in my life. I still celebrate my mother (and a celebration to the memory of my grandmother) but also find a way to celebrate her as a grandmother, but I’ve added friends that are moms, daycare workers who take care of my little girl by day and their own little ones by night, neighbours and acquaintances met through my mom’s group. Really, we are all mothers in some shape or form so I feel as though Mother’s day is a celebration of women in general.

  • freeshopper: May 09, 2013

    Mothers Day means spending good quality time with my kids! Precious moments will give memories that will last a lifetime!

  • Sharon Donaldson: May 09, 2013

    Mother’s Day has changed since I became a mum myself. When I was a kid I thought my mom was just being polite when I gave her a mushed up tissue paper flower or a macaroni sculpture. Now I can’t wait to receive these treasures from my own boys (and thank you to the daycare staff, teachers and Beaver leader’s who make them!). I have a little box with all of these handmade creations and know that they will last longer than a bouquet of flowers ever can.

  • Blake Kaplan: May 09, 2013

    The mom in my life taught me how to always look on the bright side and to always have hope. And I always think about this when Mother’s Day rolls around.

    As a teen, I always thought my problems were big, whether they were about social relationships at school or my inability to succeed in certain classes.

    But the person I thought of as mom could easily remind that my problems weren’t as dramatic as I thought.

    She’d ask me to think about the homeless and ask me if I had a good home. (I did.) She asked to think about third-world nations and asked me if I liked where I lived. (I did.) She’d ask if I had enough food to eat, good medical care and a family who loved me. (Yes, yes and yes.)

    Pretty soon, even a teenager could realize their problems really weren’t so big.

    I use this skill all the time now that I’m an adult. No matter how bad of day I’ve had, I try to think of those conversations long ago and how my problems could be a lot worse. Then I take a deep breath and go on with my life, happy with the knowledge that I have a happy home and family that loves me. That, really, trumps everything else.

  • Mary-Elken: May 09, 2013

    Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate and acknowledge the one and only role of mom. Your own mom, your friends and family that are moms and other people in your life that are like a mom. May is the perfect month fto celebrate Mother’s Day.

  • Cricket: May 08, 2013

    To me Mother’s Day means a chance to think about mothers around the world who manage to raise their kids despite having to work hard to obtain clean drinking water, education for their kids (especially girls!), and access to healthcare, nutritious food and sanititation. They love their kids just as much as I do, and I know I am super fortunate to be raising my kids with easy access to the essentials in Canada. Happy Mother’s Day Miik!

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