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      Blog — bamboo

      Introducing Susan Cadman: Q + A with Miik President

      Introducing Susan Cadman: Q + A with Miik President

      Susan (or Sue, as she’s known around the office) is a busy mother of two, an Ironman competitor, an avid traveller and, of course, Miik’s leader as company president. Meet the ambitious woman behind the Miik brand as she answers a few questions. 


      How did you become involved with Miik?

      Donna and Michael live in my neighbourhood so I’ve known them for years. We used to spend many nights discussing Miik, fashion and business in general. I’ve always had a passion for fashion and with my background in marketing and statistics this budding business of theirs was very intriguing to me. After having my second child I wanted to get back into the workforce but something was holding me back from resuming my corporate job. Donna, Michael and I used to joke about how one day I’d run the company and suddenly that idea and the timing of it felt very right.


      What is the best part of your job?

      I love being able to have a voice and make a difference. Often at large companies your voice can get lost, even in a leadership role. Having a small, nimble team allows us to get things done quickly and we can efficiently see our visions come to life. I also have a tremendous amount of pride for the work we’re doing which really turns my ‘job’ into a passion.  And since we are small, some days we all do a bit of everything…I love helping Donna with the designs.


      What does a regular day look like for you?

      My days start bright and early at 5am so I can be in the pool or on a run before my kids wake up. I then return home to get the kids and myself ready before I walk them to school and daycare. My workday then begins either at my home office, Michael and Donna’s home office or our downtown office… and some days it’s a combination of all three!


      What do you love about Miik’s hometown, Toronto?

      I love the diversity of the city and all that it has to offer. Whether it’s sports, restaurants, theatre, music or shopping, Toronto really has it all and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination because of it. I live in a great neighbourhood with my family where we know all of our neighbours; it’s safe for the kids and easily accessible from the downtown core. As an athlete, I love that I can run along the water (Lake Ontario) and as a traveller I love that my family and I can fly almost anywhere in the world from Toronto’s Pearson airport.


      What do you hope for the future of Miik?

      I would love to see Miik grow into a well-known Canadian fashion brand. I’m so proud of the work we do and the values of our brand and would love to develop a culture that empowers people to feel good about what they’re wearing. My ultimate dream is to see Miik go global and be in a position where we can inspire other brands to change their processes to be ethical and sustainable.


      What is your favourite piece from the upcoming Spring/Summer 2016 collection?

      So hard to pick just one…my favourite skirt is the Monica in our new stripe, my favourite dress is the reversible Kristen zipper dress and our new Emma in Orchid is my favourite blazer. Sorry, I just couldn’t pick one! 




      15 fun facts about bamboo

      15 fun facts about bamboo

      It’s no secret that at Miik we’re committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, but we’re also committed to being stylish and comfortable. The good news is you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, which is why bamboo is one of our core fabrics each season. Anyone who has tried it knows how luxuriously soft it is and how long it lasts.

      Here are 15 fun facts about this incredibly versatile and fascinating resource:

      1. As a plant, bamboo is one of the fastest growing in the world. It can grow as much as one meter in 24 hours.

      2. Bamboo crops absorb carbon dioxide and can generate up to 35% more oxygen than the same amount trees.

      3. It does not require chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or watering to grow.

      4. Bamboo improves, rather than depletes soil quality.

      5. When bamboo is harvested it will continue to grow with no additional planting or cultivation.

      6. Bamboo has a stronger structure than steel and is widely used in the construction industry.

      7. More than 1 billion people around the world live in bamboo houses.

      8. Bamboo is used in folk medicine to treat infections and to accelerate the healing of wounds.

      9. In Chinese culture, bamboo is a symbol of durability, strength, resilience and flexibility.

      10. Bamboo was the only plant to survive the radiation of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima.

      11. Bamboo clothing keeps the skin cool and dry. It works as a natural thermostat to regulate the temperature of the body.

      12. Bamboo shoots are rich in fibre and potassium and have been a part of the daily diet in Asian countries for decades.

      13. Thomas Edison used bamboo filaments in his first light bulbs. One of those bulbs is still burning today at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

      14. Bamboo is incredibly versatile and is used to produce textiles, household products, musical instruments, automotive parts and event electronic products.

      15. Bamboo grows on every continent except Antarctica.

      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 2

      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 2

      The other day I told you just how much I love dresses this season. For me, this is a departure, and if any of my old high school or university friends are reading this, they probably can't imagine me in a dress. But with time, gravity and three kids, my body has changed, and so have my tastes. While I used to consider dresses special-occasion pieces, I now love them for just about any occasion. Miik dresses flatter my shape, with ruching, pleats, seams and twists just where I need them and fabrics that don't cling. I had twins and then two short years later another baby, and while my body has recovered pretty well thanks to some good genes, not everything is as smooth as it once was.

      There's a particular Miik dress this season that does my body a lot of favours: the Toni reversible diamond dress. Do you know the French expression "trempe l'oeil"? It means "decieve the eye" and I was first introduced to this term in art and interior design. When I hang my living room curtains a couple of feet wider than my window actually is, I'm creating a "trempe l'oeil" effect -- it appears as though my window is bigger. When Donna and Proshat designed our Toni dress for spring, I think they had the same thing in mind. Those diamond inserts are strategic and...well, magical -- they give me the waist and shape that I miss! The stripes camoflague my bumps, and the diamond shapes point inward. Ta da! I appear slimmer! My bestfriend and I estimate this dress takes a couple of inches off of our shapes (not that we have a very scientific way of measuring, but we feel better in this dress!).

      The Toni Reversible Diamond Dress


      The Toni dress features a classic boat neck at front, and a rounded v-neck at back. It's back-to-front reversible, so you have options. Diamond-shape details at the waist adds interest to this classic dress, and are, best of all, ultra slimming. Our beautiful rayon-from-bamboo fabric washes and wears with ease. Just wash in cold water and allow to air dry. Perfect for travel.

      You’ll wear the Toni to work, at play, in the evenings, on vacation…you’ll want to wear it everywhere, any time of year. Cute with flats, pumps or sandals.

      Our Toni dress is available online and at our fantastic retailers now.

      I have been converted. I love deep purple (the colour, not the band)

      I have been converted. I love deep purple (the colour, not the band)

      My first week at Miik, Bonnie, our fantastic office manager, helped me to choose some new clothes. I only gave her one condition: I don't wear orange or purple. Well, I would still take some serious convincing to wear orange, but I have been converted by the purple in our new fall line. Our new deep purple is g o r g e o u s -- and that means a lot coming from a life-long purple-phobic like me!

      Just to prove my new-found love for deep purple to you, here's a shot of me in my newest Miik piece this morning (obviously ignore the racks of clothes around me, the iphone in my hand and the fact that I am not a professional model):


      As it turns out, deep purple makes me feel fantastic! Happy, vibrant, energized. This colour, in combination with our super soft, rayon from bamboo fabric is a dream. You need some deep purple in your life too. Image a drab winter morning; you wake up in the dark, shower in the dark and get ready to head out into the grey...a deep purple piece is going to cheer you right up. A purple Lea or Lilith tank under a suit? Perfect! Or what about a purple cardi with jeans? Our deep purple Sandy tunic looks amazing over black leggings or skinny jeans. Maybe you already love purple, or maybe you're like me and need a little convincing, but I think we could all use a little more deep purple in our lives! (Bonnie, you were right)

      Miik's deep purple swatch:

      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 1

      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 1

      "One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress."

       Karl Lagerfeld

      Karl Lagerfeld is probably right -- a little black dress is an essential addition to any woman's wardrobe. But this spring, I just can't limit myself to black. There are too many fantastic dresses in beautiful colours to choose from! Miik's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection is in stores and online now, and I am so excited to tell you about a few of my favourite pieces. Our designers had vibrant, jewel-tone-inspired colours in mind this season -- ocean blue, cobalt, watermelon and navy, in addition to our classic black. They also had versatility in mind. Most dresses are back-to-front reversible, giving you two neckline choices in every piece. I love that about Miik -- the fabric is durable, the styles are classic and the designs are versatile -- so you really feel you are getting value in addition to beauty.

      Let me introduce you to one of our fantastic dresses for spring/summer 2013, the Wendy, and I'll be back over the next few days to introduce you to others!



      Wendy Reversible Cowl Dress

      Last year we intoduced a great top called the Tara that was back-to-front reversible and had a twisted cowl neck. Miik followers loved the neckline on this top -- the straps can be twisted to make the cowl neck as high or low as you'd like, and the back is a classic boat neck. Our Tara top was such a hit that our designers, Donna and Proshat, knew they had to apply the twisted cowl to a dress. So our Wendy dress was born.

      Available in ocean blue, watermelon, cobalt, black and navy, the Wendy features a two-inch waist band and relaxed fit at the hip. This softly flaring dress flatters just about every body type. I love to wear the boat neck forward with a cardi or our Emily soft blazer and a favourite necklace. For me, it's a perfect work dress with a pair of ballet flats. In the evening if I'm meeting friends for drinks on a patio, I like to turn the Wendy around and wear the boat neck forward (and show off my back a little with the cowl!). So pretty and versatile. I can dress this piece up or down, depending on my mood.

      Our Wendy dress is made from rayon from bamboo, which feels soft against the skin and falls beautifully along the body. It doesn't cling so it's perfect in warm weather. To wash, simply add this dress to a cold wash and lay flat or hang to air dry. Easy! Ideal for travel.

      Our Wendy dress is available online and at our fabulous retailers now. If you have questions about colours, sizes or styles, or comments on this piece, we'd love to hear from you. E-mail us at or find us on Facebook and Twitter anytime. We love our followers!