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      Blog — deep purple

      How to style Miik

      How to style Miik

      Style, comfort, versatility – the three most important things we think about when designing our collections. Our aim is to create timeless pieces for your wardrobe that can be mix + matched, dressed up or down, and carried forward from season to season. Whether you’re a busy mom or a career gal (or both!), Miik meets all your wardrobe needs – from 8am school drop-offs, 3pm boardroom meetings to 7pm drinks with the girls.

      Here are some tips for how to get the most from your Miik pieces, and take your look from day to night:

      Reverse It

      For optimum versatility, we design many of our pieces with front-to-back reversibility. And because of the premium quality of our custom-milled luxury eco fabrics, our designs maintain their shape whichever way you wear it.

      Take the Kristen tailored zipper dress for example, this gorgeous dress can be worn with a scoop neck or reversed to expose the zipper for an edgier evening look.


      Our Ella striped v-dress can we worn casually with flats with the nautical stripe at the front, or reverse it for a classic LBD to be worn under a blazer for a corporate look. You can even put a blazer overtop with the stripes at the front for a pop of pattern.   


      Mix and Match  

      The accessories and complimentary clothing you pair with your Miik pieces can make an impact in the look and feel of your outfit. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to stay in specific categories (i.e. office, weekend, evening wear). You can mix and match pieces to find different looks to suit every occasion. 

      The Emily soft blazer is an essential wardrobe staple that need not be limited to the office. Pair it with jeans, capris or a dress for an effortless, yet put-together look, year round. The Emily is the most comfortable yet stylish traveling companion you'll ever own. 


      The April aline inverted pleat top features a tone-on-tone contrast between the smooth bamboo bodice and its textured linen sleeves. The added bonus – a linen inverted pleat for a party in the back. Wear this to the office with your favourite pencil skirt or dress pant, or dress it down with your favourite denim. 

      Show us how you style your Miik! Share your images on social media using #MiikStyle.

      Our Emily Soft Blazer
      (a must-have for fall/winter)

      Our Emily Soft Blazer<br>(a must-have for fall/winter)

      I haven't told you enough about our Emily soft blazer. I am in love with this piece and I am not the only one -- we're sewing our third set of blazers this season because our retailers love it so much and are selling it as fast as we can make it! Miik's Emily soft blazer is a must-have for the upcoming fall/winter season. Here's why:
      • The Emily looks like a structured jacket, but feels as soft and comfortable as a cardigan.
      • With curved stitching at the back and a single-button closure, the Emily is a flattering choice for so many body types. I had friends to the studio the other week and we had people looking fantastic in this jacket right from XS to XL. As a matter of fact, one of my more voluptuous friends said this was the first jacket she'd ever been able to comfortably wear. This is partially due to the cut and design, and partially due to our fantastic rayon-from-bamboo fabric, always soft and forgiving but never too stretchy.
      • Smart and comfortable, the Emily jacket can be dressed up or down. Wear it with your favourite jeans and our Sandy tank for a casual look. Wear it with a Miik skirt or a pair of our Patty pants for the most comfortable professional suit ever. 
      I live in my black Emily. It's at the dry cleaners today and I hardly know what to do with myself! Might have to buy another. Maybe deep purple...hmm...

      I have been converted. I love deep purple (the colour, not the band)

      I have been converted. I love deep purple (the colour, not the band)

      My first week at Miik, Bonnie, our fantastic office manager, helped me to choose some new clothes. I only gave her one condition: I don't wear orange or purple. Well, I would still take some serious convincing to wear orange, but I have been converted by the purple in our new fall line. Our new deep purple is g o r g e o u s -- and that means a lot coming from a life-long purple-phobic like me!

      Just to prove my new-found love for deep purple to you, here's a shot of me in my newest Miik piece this morning (obviously ignore the racks of clothes around me, the iphone in my hand and the fact that I am not a professional model):


      As it turns out, deep purple makes me feel fantastic! Happy, vibrant, energized. This colour, in combination with our super soft, rayon from bamboo fabric is a dream. You need some deep purple in your life too. Image a drab winter morning; you wake up in the dark, shower in the dark and get ready to head out into the grey...a deep purple piece is going to cheer you right up. A purple Lea or Lilith tank under a suit? Perfect! Or what about a purple cardi with jeans? Our deep purple Sandy tunic looks amazing over black leggings or skinny jeans. Maybe you already love purple, or maybe you're like me and need a little convincing, but I think we could all use a little more deep purple in our lives! (Bonnie, you were right)

      Miik's deep purple swatch: