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      Miik Takes Center Stage At Local Eco Fashion Events

      Miik Takes Center Stage At Local Eco Fashion Events

      Here at Miik it is no secret we love anything with an eco-friendly twist. Fair-trade coffee and coconut water? Yes please. Inspiring speeches from leaders in Canada’s global change community? Count us in. Fashion shows dedicated to bringing awareness to eco-friendly designers? Leave our front row seat reserved! If you’re reading our list of favourite things and thinking they sound like the makings of a fabulous environmental fashion event you’re not wrong. In fact, we actually had the opportunity to take part in not one, but two incredible events over these past two weeks comprised of all of the above and so much more! That’s right; Miik was on the scene at CSLC’s Global Change Summit at the end of May and Fashion Takes Action’s Connect Beauty 2014 this past Thursday! Dying for the details on these amazing evenings? Keep reading…



      The CSLC Summit was a two-day event designed to honour eco-friendly initiatives, social change, consumerism and global leadership. Guests of the event had the opportunity to enjoy live music, locally prepared hors d’oeuvres, inspiring speeches and a fashion show presented by Fashion Takes Action. The keynote speakers of the evening included Scott Rondeau of the Toronto Wine & Spirit Festival and Kelly Drennan of Fashion Takes Action. Both speakers enlightened guests on all things relating to the environment with the key topic of discussion pertaining to reducing ecological footprints (reusable cups, shopping locally and of course supporting eco-friendly fashion designers such as Miik were key topics of conversation.) The motivational speakers left everyone in attendance excited about taking part in making the earth a greener place and most importantly, wetted everyone’s palette for the eco fashion show that was seconds away from commencing.



      The fashion show featured twelve gorgeous looks from our Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Light, airy, sophisticated and forever flattering our garments looked amazing on the runway (if we do say so ourselves!) The models behind our show were the inspiring leading ladies of 85 Broads, a network of over 30, 000 who are inspired, empowered and connected. The 85 Broads women loved walking in our show and had nothing but praise for their ensembles. Check out the video bellow for an up-close look at the event, plus interviews with our models on what they love most about Miik!



      Fast-forward a week from the CSLC Summit and we were ready to take part in another eco event. Fashion Takes Action is Canada’s only non-profit organization that focuses on sustainability in the fashion industry. Fashion Takes Action’s Connect Beauty 2014 has been an event we have taken part in for years and this year we were looking forward to another wonderful evening of sustainable style and health. This event was truly buzzing. Guests were fluttering around the silent auction tables, lining up to get mini makeovers from Clean Care Seal and sipping uber healthy coconut water while enjoying gluten free mac ‘n’ cheese. Author, Rick Smith, took to the stage to speak about his new book “Toxin Toxout” and shared some fascinating details about the dangers of toxins and chemicals that exist within human bodies (eating organic foods and sweating once a day are great ways to flush toxins from the body.) The speeches were eye opening and left everyone in the audience empowered.


      The highlight of the night was definitely the eco fashion show, which featured ten amazing eco-friendly fashion designers, including yours truly! Each designer presented three looks, one of which was modeled by a recognized leader in the eco-friendly industry. We had the honour of acclaimed journalist Adria Vasilwearing our Reversible Summer Maxi on the runway. The fashion show was a true hit, with the audience clamoring for photos of the looks on the runway. It is safe to say the show was a huge hit!



      There is no denying that the CSLC Summit and the Fashion Takes Actions Connect Beauty 2014 events were both major successes. Not only did these events inspire social change within guests but they also introduced a whole new group of people to the power of environmentally conscious fashion. A few years ago “eco-friendly” and “fashion” were two words that when put together might have sounded like an oxymoron, but events such as these are changing the landscape of green fashion in amazing ways. It was an honour to be a part of such inspiring events and we were blushing with all the praise our Spring/Summer 2014 collection received on and off the runway. Be sure to shop all the fashions in our latest collection on our website and stay tuned on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more updates on all things Miik!