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      Blog — leggings

      Not just any black legging

      Not just <i>any</i> black legging

      Leggings have become an indisputable wardrobe staple for women of all ages, shapes and styles. But, any legging-lover will tell you that not all are created equal. There are the saggy ones that stretch out around your knees. Some fade so much you’re scared to wash them. And of course, there are the waistbands that squeeze and roll, giving you the dreaded muffin-top. 

      The worst is that you never really know what to expect—sure, they seem fine at the store, but after multiple washes and wears, will you be back on the hunt for a replacement? 

      At Miik, we take leggings seriously and are committed to bringing you the best. It all starts with our signature fabric – our custom milled rayon from bamboo is buttery soft against your skin yet surprisingly durable. Our bamboo doesn’t pill or lose its shape like other natural fibers and boasts a rich opaque black so you won’t have to worry about see-through leggings. Plus, bamboo naturally retains the dye better than other textiles so your leggings will stay their blackest black, year after year.

      Next, we focus on fit. Our Lisa2 legging’s 4-inch waistband acts as a super comfy control top (to smooth out that pesky muffin-top) or can be rolled down over the hips if you prefer a lower rise. The stitching is less sporty than other styles, making the Lisa2 great for dressing up or dressing down. 

      Share with us on social media how YOU style your leggings. #LoveMyMiik

      Key Pieces from Our Fall 2012 Collection: Video

      Key Pieces from Our Fall 2012 Collection: Video

      Lindsay, Donna, Proshat and I had so much fun making this video. We highlighted key pieces from our Fall 2012 Collection. I think you'll love seeing how we start with a simple pair of Lisa leggings and a Lea tank, and then build great outfits by adding our Emily soft blazer, Hanna banded tunic-length skirt, Maria hourglass top, Kayla tunic and Sue top.




      Meet Donna

      Meet Donna

      Q & A with Donna Smith, Miik Designer and Co-Owner

      Last month you had a chance to meet our amazing office manager, Bonnie, and this month I'm excited to help you get to know Donna Smith, designer and co-owner of Miik. Donna has a background in graphic design, and brings a perfect balance of creativity, passion and practicality to her designs. We think she designs pieces that are versatile, beautiful and ultra comfortable to wear.

      Q: Tell us about the sort of woman you have in mind when you’re designing.

      A: We are designing for a busy woman with an active lifestyle. She wants to look put together but doesn't have a tonne of extra time or energy to put into her look. Whether she is running a company or a house full of kids, she wants to be able to throw something on and immediately look and feel great.  

      What is most important to you as a designer?

      A: I want the women who wear our clothes to look in the mirror and feel great about themselves, whatever their body type. I want to help them embrace the way they look. We don't design to trend but to the various stages of a woman's life  -- from the teen years, to child-rearing years and then menopause. The cut of every dress, top and tunic is designed to emphasize our attributes and downplay the things we don't love about our bodies. The designs are simple and timeless, yet remarkably current.

      And then, on top of all of that is that these beautiful, effortless designs are truly the softest, most comfortable clothing you can wear.

      Q: Tell us about an average day in the life of Donna Smith.

      I am still running both my design firm, Visual Integrity, and Miik, so this makes for a pretty busy day. My first stop is my morning walk with my dog, Hanna. We walk through the Old Mill park every morning and then she comes with me to work. During the day, I am usually back and forth between my graphic design work and designing for Miik. I truly love both. On any given day I can be designing a logo or website in the morning, have lunch with our sales rep and then rush off to our weekly meeting to review the next batch of spring designs. I love these meetings the most as this is where we get to see our sketches come to life.

      At this point I am still involved in overseeing production of all the Miik collections. Truthfully, this is the part I will be very happy to give up when we are big enough to hire someone. I prefer working with people and designs rather than numbers!

      After work is my 6:30 Zumba class. This is mandatory since I love it AND it is such a great stress release. I am so lucky to come home to my two amazing teenage daughters and my husband, who is also my Miik partner.

      Q: Tell us about your favourite Miik pieces this season.

      A: My favourite pieces this season are the Ashely cardi and the Rachael pocket dress. They are a little edgier than our previous pieces but have the same flattering fit that looks great on everyone.

      Q: Sum up Miik in three words:

      A: Soft. Versatile. Effortless.

      Q: What do you value most in the world?

      A: Above all else, I cherish my family.

      Q: What are you wearing right now?

      A: Today I'm super comfy and feeling great in black Lina leggings, a cranberry Sandy tank and a French navy Cynthia cardi.