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      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 2

      Crazy for Dresses this Spring, Part 2

      The other day I told you just how much I love dresses this season. For me, this is a departure, and if any of my old high school or university friends are reading this, they probably can't imagine me in a dress. But with time, gravity and three kids, my body has changed, and so have my tastes. While I used to consider dresses special-occasion pieces, I now love them for just about any occasion. Miik dresses flatter my shape, with ruching, pleats, seams and twists just where I need them and fabrics that don't cling. I had twins and then two short years later another baby, and while my body has recovered pretty well thanks to some good genes, not everything is as smooth as it once was.

      There's a particular Miik dress this season that does my body a lot of favours: the Toni reversible diamond dress. Do you know the French expression "trempe l'oeil"? It means "decieve the eye" and I was first introduced to this term in art and interior design. When I hang my living room curtains a couple of feet wider than my window actually is, I'm creating a "trempe l'oeil" effect -- it appears as though my window is bigger. When Donna and Proshat designed our Toni dress for spring, I think they had the same thing in mind. Those diamond inserts are strategic and...well, magical -- they give me the waist and shape that I miss! The stripes camoflague my bumps, and the diamond shapes point inward. Ta da! I appear slimmer! My bestfriend and I estimate this dress takes a couple of inches off of our shapes (not that we have a very scientific way of measuring, but we feel better in this dress!).

      The Toni Reversible Diamond Dress


      The Toni dress features a classic boat neck at front, and a rounded v-neck at back. It's back-to-front reversible, so you have options. Diamond-shape details at the waist adds interest to this classic dress, and are, best of all, ultra slimming. Our beautiful rayon-from-bamboo fabric washes and wears with ease. Just wash in cold water and allow to air dry. Perfect for travel.

      You’ll wear the Toni to work, at play, in the evenings, on vacation…you’ll want to wear it everywhere, any time of year. Cute with flats, pumps or sandals.

      Our Toni dress is available online and at our fantastic retailers now.

      New Year's Resolutions

      New Year's Resolutions

      Do you make new year’s resolutions? It’s officially mid-January now, so it’s just about time for me to look at my resolutions and see which of them are sticking. At Miik, we have big plans for the coming year and personally I have a few goals too.

      We are of course launching two new collections this year. We’ve remain committed to versatility, luxurious comfort, beautiful colours and flattering fits, but we’ve got a few surprises for you too. We’re adding a couple of new eco-friendly, gorgeous fabrics to our collections -- modal/cashmere and sorona. Can’t wait to hear what you think of them. 

      As a company, we hope to renew and extend relationships this year. We love our retailers and look forward to bringing them great pieces that fly off the shelves. And we are excited to be adding stores in new cities, too. The more women that have access to Miik the better, we think!

      I asked the Miik staff about their own resolutions for 2013. Michael claims he’s going to lose weight and thicken his hair (neither of which seem necessary in my opinion!). He is also hard at work on a men’s line, perfecting every detail and planning its launch later this year. As for myself, I am hoping to add a little adventure to my life. Sometimes when I’m up to my eyeballs in work, laundry, kids' activities and commitments, I dream about my adventurous, care-free twenties: holidays in Thailand, years teaching abroad and mini-breaks on the California coast. Life sure is different these days…but there’s no reason I can’t add a little adventure to my life. I may not be able to pack up three kids and backpack around Europe, but I can find exciting things to do closer to home. I’m beginning to realize that a day of being a tourist in my own city and then a meal in a new restaurant can feel like an adventure, if you have the right attitude. It’s all about perspective.

      I’d love to hear about your new years resolutions and what 2013 might have in store for you!


      Our Emily Soft Blazer
      (a must-have for fall/winter)

      Our Emily Soft Blazer<br>(a must-have for fall/winter)

      I haven't told you enough about our Emily soft blazer. I am in love with this piece and I am not the only one -- we're sewing our third set of blazers this season because our retailers love it so much and are selling it as fast as we can make it! Miik's Emily soft blazer is a must-have for the upcoming fall/winter season. Here's why:
      • The Emily looks like a structured jacket, but feels as soft and comfortable as a cardigan.
      • With curved stitching at the back and a single-button closure, the Emily is a flattering choice for so many body types. I had friends to the studio the other week and we had people looking fantastic in this jacket right from XS to XL. As a matter of fact, one of my more voluptuous friends said this was the first jacket she'd ever been able to comfortably wear. This is partially due to the cut and design, and partially due to our fantastic rayon-from-bamboo fabric, always soft and forgiving but never too stretchy.
      • Smart and comfortable, the Emily jacket can be dressed up or down. Wear it with your favourite jeans and our Sandy tank for a casual look. Wear it with a Miik skirt or a pair of our Patty pants for the most comfortable professional suit ever. 
      I live in my black Emily. It's at the dry cleaners today and I hardly know what to do with myself! Might have to buy another. Maybe deep purple...hmm...