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      Timeless, versatile dresses

      With Miik, you can have a dress that goes from day to night, work to weekend in a snap. Every garment from us is buttery soft with four-way stretch fabric, so you can binge-watch your favourite show in your Miik dress and still be stylishly comfortable. These dresses are trendy, yet functional enough to be in your capsule wardrobe forever. And our durable fabrics are made to last years and years without fading, pilling, or losing their shape.

      We even have reversible dresses! They’re back-to-front reversible, so you get two different necklines out of one dress. And don’t forget the styles with pockets – because who doesn’t love pockets!?

      Our timeless, versatile dresses will make you feel good about your wardrobe choices without sacrificing style or comfort! To us, being comfortable is not only about comfy clothes, it’s about being comfortable in your own skin. It's fashion for real life.

      Eco-friendly, sustainable dresses

      At Miik, sustainability goes beyond using ethical practices and materials from sustainable sources. It is built into every stage of the garments we make. We custom-mill our fabrics locally, using sustainable materials like bamboo and beech trees. We only pick the finest fabrics for our collections and strive to look for fabrics with low environmental impacts. And we've been this way from the very start.

      We take pride in our selection process and mostly use MicroModal® and Rayon from Bamboo. These dresses are not only buttery soft but they are made to last. Our mission is to bring versatility, longevity, and comfort into each and every Miik dress.

      We're also committed to minimizing waste, using as many recycling processes as possible, and limiting our carbon footprint. Want to know how? Learn more about sustainability at Miik.

      Dresses made ethically in Canada

      From design to finished garment, Miik is proudly made in Canada. The entire garment production process happens within 50 km of our Toronto headquarters. And yes, we even make our own fabric here! Since everything is made locally, this reduces our carbon footprint by not having our fabrics, notions, samples, and garments shipped from different countries. This also allows us to oversee everything, ensuring only the highest quality of materials are being used, in facilities with great working conditions that we visit frequently and can confirm pay their employees a living wage.

      Our goal is to design dresses that have it all: stylish, timeless, eco-friendly, and made in Canada with processes we're proud of — and that you can be proud of too. By choosing your Canadian-made dresses from us, you support local businesses and help us keep the garment industry alive in Canada. Learn more about our Canadian-made clothing.