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      Hey Miik Members! 👋

      We have a special contest happening, exclusively for our Miik members! 2 winners will be randomly drawn and get a $150 Miik giftcard to’s what you need to do to enter!

    • Take a 1 minute video of yourself talking about why you LOVE Miik 
    • We know our community is excited about the brand and we hope you can help us spread the word, and spread the love about Miik. This video should be 60 seconds or less!

    • Here’s some questions we’d love for you to answer in your video
        1. What was your first impression of Miik when you felt the fabric?

        2. How many Miik pieces do you have in your closet and what keeps bringing you back? (is it the lasting fabric, the softness, the fit, washes well, made in Canada, eco-friendly, etc?)

    • These don’t have to be professionally shot videos, but we do want to be able to use these for promotional content, so keep that in mind when you’re shooting. Video that is too dark is tricky to use! Here’s some tips:
        1. Use your cell phone or ipad to shoot the video. If you don’t have a cell phone with a nice camera, borrow someone’s!

        2. Shoot your video so the light is shining ON your face and not behind you. Make sure your background looks clean and minimal!

        3. Instead of holding it yourself, prop your phone on something to keep it steady.

        4. Please shoot your video from approximately the waist up! We want to make sure we see some of the clothes :)

        5. Wear one of your fave Miik pieces in the video!

      Once you’ve taken your glorious video, email it to and subject it “Miik Member Giveaway” – she will store it for safe keeping! If your video is too big to send over email, try sending over direct message on Facebook!