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      This season, our sand melange fabric has some irregularities that occurred during the milling process. There are always slight fabric irregularities when working with natural melange fabrics, but these appear as thin lines or creases. Under some lighting conditions, these lines are totally invisible, but in others they are more noticeable. The quality of the fabric has not been impacted; it drapes beautifully, is luxuriously soft, and is just as durable and long-lasting as all our fabrics. In total, only 10 styles have been affected.

      In light of these imperfections, we are offering all styles in sand melange at 25% off.

      The lines are more noticeable on some garments than others.

      We’re confident these styles will make a beautiful addition to your wardrobe and we hope the discounted prices help make these Canadian-made, eco-luxe styles more accessible to those who may not have been able to consider purchasing them at full price.

      Important notes:

      • our solid sand melange fabric is the only fabric affected
      • all styles in sand melange are 25% off; prices are as marked
      • some styles will have more or fewer inconsistencies than others (you may even receive an item without any inconsistencies)
      • if you are not satisfied with the garment you receive, you can return or exchange it in accordance with our regular returns and exchange policy

      The above images show how the thin lines look in 2 different light sources.

      We custom mill all our own fabrics, so it really challenges our business when these things happen. We can’t “return” these fabrics because they were made just for us, and if we milled new fabric it wouldn’t be finished in time to be part of the current collection. We’re definitely not going to let them go to waste either—making sure that garments are loved and worn is part of our sustainability mission. We hope to find loving homes for these perfectly imperfect styles and we appreciate your understanding.