What Matters Most

Our Vision

To build Miik into a global luxury brand while maintaining our Canadian roots. Sustainability is in our DNA. We hope that the way we do business today will transform the fashion industry of tomorrow.

Our Mission 

At Miik, our love for style is only surpassed by our concern for the environment. We continue to challenge the fast-fashion model with timeless pieces made from sustainably-sourced fabrics, proving that an ethical, eco-friendly garment need not compromise on quality, style or comfort. For us, it’s not just what we make, but how we make it.

Tosca Reno, Our custom milled fabric, Makeup artist working on one of our models

What Matters Most

1. You.

We stand behind our product and deliver unparalleled customer service.

2. Style that sustains.

Homegrown Luxury: Proud to be Canadian.
Miik continues to mill, dye, design and sew locally, minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. And because we produce close to home, we can oversee our garments entire journey from thread to hanger, ensuring the impeccable quality you’ve come to expect from us.

Sustainability is who we are.

It’s woven into every thread, every pattern and every design. Our entire collection is made from our very own custom milled, sustainably sourced fabrics.

Our pieces have staying power.
Durable fabrics and timeless designs go hand-in-hand with sustainability. The longer you wear a garment, the less you consume – it’s as simple as that.

We practice what we preach.

From recycling, to using energy efficient fixtures and appliances, to re-using hangers, to buying organic, non-toxic cleaning products – we do everything we can to be green in all areas of our business.

3. Our team.

We love what we do and the people we do it with. A healthy work-life balance and a work culture of respect and appreciation make it so that we all have two families – our home family and our Miik family.

4. Giving back.

Our business model is designed to include ongoing support to causes we care about, including Plan Canada, Nanny Angel Network, Fight to End Cancer, Joe's Team, Yorktown Shelter, Meagan's Walk, CAMH, Sheena’s Place, Youth Without Shelter, Arthritis Society, Gatehouse, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Sleeping Children Around the World, to name a few.

5. Our commitment to our partners.

We work hard every day to support our customers, stores and the communities we work with to succeed and grow – they have our back and we have theirs.

6. Being better than yesterday.

We’re always striving to create stronger designs, using better processes, softer and more durable fabrics, with even less impact on the environment. To us, there is always room for improvement.

From left to right: Wardrobe Stylist Matthew Chow, Hair/Makeup Artist Natalie Ventola, Model Leanne Proctor, Photographer Sean Penhall, Model Eunique Brooks, Miik President Susan Cadman and Designer and Creative Director Donna Smith.