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We could go on about how much bamboo is better for the environment from a growing and harvesting point of view. The fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo is self-propagating and requires no fertilizers, pesticides or watering in order to grow. Planting bamboo actually improves soil and air quality.

Or how our bamboo is processed in a closed-loop system designed to minimize harmful effects to our environment. Or even how our product is designed, milled and crafted all within the Greater Toronto Area, minimizing our carbon footprint. All this is true. But for us, sustainability goes even beyond this.

What we're interested in here at Miik, is introducing change in a world of temporary, disposable clothing. We want to lengthen the time between purchasing the clothing you love, and it's eventual disposal. This is the real reason for starting with bamboo and other sustainably-sourced fabrics. Rayon produced from bamboo, by its very nature, looks and wears beautifully and when properly cared for, doesn't pill, lose its shape or fade like other natural fabrics.

Combine this with a modern twist on classic styling and you'll be enjoying your Miik clothes for a long, long time. Oh... and did we mention we use only the softest and most comfortable fabrics that drape beautifully to flatter every size and shape?

We're willing to bet once you've tried Miik, you won't want to wear anything else.


Miik Fabric Video

Interview with Miik Co-founder, Creative Director and Designer, Donna Smith



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