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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Flattering Cut For All, Very TREK!

      As B.I wrote, I also came here looking for a square-collar shirt for Star Trek cosplay as the collar style is so prevalent in many costumes the show featured. (I’m using it for actually the identical costume B.I is..!) Why is this type of shirt so, so frustratingly tough to find?
      Milk has done it so right! This Square Neck T-shirt is exactly what I’d been looking for and then some. I’m adding some pics of me in the shirt and with the leather jacket I’ll be wearing this with.
      I just got the shirt in the mail today; after trying it on, the slim-fit description is apt. It’s a little form fitting in the stomach, but I have a Riker-ish dad bod, so it works. Sleeve hems and collar corners are laying exactly where they should.
      This shirt from Miik should be on their homepage for men, women and anyone that’s seeking a flattering cut. The way the collar lays really does accentuate wider shoulders and it’s a step above so many typical crewneck or even V neck shirts out there.
      I will be back for more! Please offer these in an array of colors, Miik!

      Thank you for your review! I will be sure to let the team know you would like to see this available in more colours!


      I bought the square neck black short sleeve t-shirt, and received today. Great quality and very soft. I bought this, because the square neck shirt is used for a Star Trek Picard Season 3 uniform that a ton of people are cosplaying at conventions right now. Nowhere else seems to have a square neck shirt like this, so happy to find it. I did like that it would be short sleeve to keep me a little cooler under the leather jacket of the rest of the costume, but unfortunately, mine came as a long sleeve version. I honestly don’t know if I somehow ordered wrong or if it was a mistake, but it’s ok. The long sleeve is fine, and I’m happy with it. If the company owners see this and the square neck is something you like to do, you should be marketing on the Star Trek cosplay related Facebook groups right now. So many people are looking for this right now and don’t know where to look.

      Thank you for your review! I will be sure to share this with the team. It does look like it was the long sleeve version you ordered on July 16th! We do still have the T-shirts in stock if you are interested here is the link.


      Great company. Would recommend to all.

      Fathers Day Gift. - he loved it!

      Bought my Hubbie an array of t shirts for Father’s Day. Wasn’t sure of this one. Square neck seemed weird but he loves it. Non constricting. Love thé cut a d of course loved the soft feel of the fabric. Super find. Thx!

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