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      What are "Seconds"?

      "Seconds" or Slightly Flawed or Flawed Styles are perfectly imperfect styles with barely-there flaws that don't meet our very high standards in quality. To keep beautiful garments out of the landfills, minimize waste and contribute to a more sustainable production process — we have seconds sales twice a year! These styles are deeply discounted at 30%-70% off in our special Seconds Sale. Our entire Miik team wears and loves our seconds. We see this sale as a great opportunity to offer our clothing at a more accessible price-point for those who are working with a budget, but would love the opportunity to try Miik.

      What's the difference between 30% OFF fabric irregular styles, 50% OFF slightly flawed styles, 70% OFF FLAWED styles, and Samples?

      30% OFF fabric irregular styles have minor inconsistencies in the fabric that keep them from being perfect but are super discreet.

      50% OFF slightly flawed styles have small flaws that our team has deemed as very discreet with a minimal flaw.

      70% OFF FLAWED styles have more significant flaws, without impacting the integrity of the garment. 70% OFF styles may have more visible flaws that are more notable than 50% OFF styles.

      SAMPLES are styles that are pre-production versions, typically in size small since our fit model (Donna) is a size small. They may not be the final verion of the style that was produced so will have minor differences than the final style.

      Inventory of our seconds is extremely limited. Styles in the seconds sale are first come, first served, and Virtual Happy Hour attendees get FIRST ACCESS! Be sure to watch us Live on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6th, 2024 when we'll model a selection of seconds and show you what some of the flaws look like. CLICK HERE to RSVP on our website livestream, and CLICK HERE to RSVP and watch on Facebook.

      Important Rules to know re: the Seconds Sale

      1. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No returns, exchanges or price adjustments.
      2. NO DISCOUNT CODES can be applied to seconds or products which are already discounted
      3. MULTIPLE ORDERS placed before 11:59pm PT on TUESDAY, February 6th will be combined automatically by our team, and applicable shipping charges will be refunded.
      4. ITEMS ARE NOT HELD IN YOUR CART. Our team cannot control this. The ONLY way to guarantee a purchase is to check out!

      Seconds Sale FAQ

      Seconds Sale Frequently Asked Questions:

      1. Is what's in my cart reserved for me?

      Unfortunately this is not something we're able to do, technology-wise. This means that something you have in your cart could potentially sell out before you are able to check out, since inventory of the seconds is so limited. We recommend joining the Live for first access, and picking your favourites quickly.

      2. If I place multiple orders will they be combined? Will shipping be refunded? 

      Multiple orders placed by the same customer BEFORE midnight on Tuesday, February 6th will be combined automatically by our team, and any extra shipping charges will be refunded to you. If those orders combined make you eligible for free shipping, all shipping charges will be refunded to you.

      3. Is everything Final Sale?

      Yes, everything in the Seconds Sale is FINAL SALE. Purchases cannot be exchanged or returned. However, next month we’ll host a bi-annual buy, sell, trade event in our private Facebook community group where customers choose to sell the items they purchased in the seconds sale that they changed their mind about. Join our Miik Members Facebook group here.

      4. Will you have images of all the flaws?

      We'll include images of what the different flaws look like, however because of the volume of seconds and variety of flaws, we don't include an image of each individual style. The second(s) you purchase have been determined by our team to have minimal flaws that make them wearable. Minimal flaws include slub yarn, twisted yarn, small spots or stains, different coloured yarn, fabric irregularities that won't wash out, and knit defects. The second(s) you purchase will have one or more of these small flaws. 70% OFF styles have more notable flaws that our team has still deemed wearable.

      5. I can't find any seconds in the style/size I want. Why aren't more sizes and styles available?

      We aren't able to pick and choose which styles and sizes are seconds, it's always a mixed bag with extremely limited inventory. We apologize if you're not able to find the style you're looking for. Be sure to check out our end of season sale at the end of February for more size availability!

      Examples of 50% OFF Slightly Flawed Styles

      Please note: Many styles have 1 of the flaws below, but others may have more than 1 flaw. All the pieces included in the sale have been reviewed by our team to ensure the integrity of the garment, and that flaws are small and hard to detect.

      Examples of 70% OFF FLAWED Styles

      Please note: Many styles have just 1 of the flaws below, but others may have more than 1 flaw. All the pieces included in the sale have been reviewed by our team to ensure the integrity of the garment, and all garments have been approved as a 70% off garment.