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      Our Mission

      Miik exists to create sustainable, ethical fashion that doesn’t sacrifice quality, comfort, or style.

      At Miik, our love for style is surpassed only by our love for the planet. We custom mill our fabrics from sustainably-sourced fibres to create luxuriously soft, high quality clothing with brilliant colours that stand the test of time. Every step of our production process happens in the Greater Toronto Area to support local businesses and ensure safe, fair working conditions for everyone involved. For us, sustainability goes beyond simply using eco-friendly fabrics and production processes—it’s about challenging the fashion-fashion model of temporary, disposable clothing by creating timeless, versatile pieces that you’ll love to wear again and again.

      Our Vision

      Our goal is to build Miik into a global luxury clothing brand while staying true to our Canadian roots. Sustainability is in our DNA, and we believe that the way we do business today will transform the fashion industry of tomorrow.

      Our customers

      Our Commitment

      1. You!

      We stand behind our product and deliver unparalleled customer service. We love connecting with our customers over social media or email, and genuinely love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future collections. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, contact us. We're also active on Instagram and Facebook.

      Women wearing Miik outdoors

      2. Style that sustains

      We’re homegrown. Miik continues to mill, dye, design and sew locally, minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting the Canadian garment and textile industry. And since we manufacture locally, we can oversee our garments' entire journey from thread to hanger, ensuring the impeccable quality you’ve come to expect from us.

      Sustainability is who we are. It’s woven into every thread, every pattern and every design of each Miik piece. Literally–we custom mill our fabrics from sustainable fibres every season.

      Our pieces have staying power. Durable fabrics and timeless designs go hand-in-hand with sustainability. We’ve set out to refine and redefine your basics with versatile designs that have quality and comfort in every stitch. The longer you wear a garment, the less you consume–it’s as simple as that.

      We practice what we preach. We consider how we can make all aspects of our business more sustainable, from using compostable mailers to ship online orders, to minimizing paper promotional materials, to re-using hangers and implementing eco-friendly practices in our office. We do everything we can to be green through-and-through.

      Dinner with the Miik team

      3. Our team

      We love what we do and the people we do it with. A healthy work-life balance and a culture of respect and appreciation make it so that we each have two families: a home family and a Miik family. Beyond our own employees, we help our retailers, clients, colleagues and communities to innovate and grow—because they have our back and we have theirs.

      4. Giving back

      Our business model is designed to include ongoing support for causes we care about, including our partnership with Plan International Canada. Together, we help send young women in developing countries to school. Education opens doors to a future that doesn’t only include marriage and motherhood; it gives girls the choice to do just about anything, unleashing their potential and uplifting entire communities. As an all-women company, we feel strongly that every girl should have the opportunity to follow her dreams, choose the life she wants to live, and become the best possible version of herself.

      5. Being better than yesterday

      We’re always striving to create innovative designs, improve our processes, and source fabrics with even less impact on the environment. To us, there is always room for improvement.

      Miik team members and one of our models

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