Made in Canada

You can feel good about where your Miik clothing comes from because it's made in Canada (within 50 km of our downtown Toronto office, actually). We do everything here, from designing our collection, to milling and dying our fabric, to cutting and sewing the finished garments.

It's not always easy keeping it local—fewer and fewer textile and apparel manufacturers remain in Canada as brands turn to cheap overseas labour—but we think it's worth it to keep Miik close to home.

Toronto skyline

Smaller carbon footprint

Reducing the distance our clothing travels during production limits its carbon footprint. We’re not shipping fabric, notions, samples, and garments from country to country for each stage of production. It all happens in the Greater Toronto Area.

Better working conditions

Garment workers in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Cambodia face notoriously dangerous, exploitative conditions to produce cheap, disposable clothing for fast fashion brands. By manufacturing in Canada, we can ensure a safe, fair, respectful working environment for every person involved in our production. We love our clothes, and we love the people who make them, too.

An eye on quality

Because our contractors are within the Greater Toronto Area, we can drive to the mill to see our fabric being knit, to the dye house to assess colours, to our sample studio to check fit and make alterations, to any of our sewing studios to do quality control on final garments, and to our warehouse to check on inventory and fulfillment. Our involvement at every stage allows us to ensure the highest quality products possible.

Supporting local business

We work locally with 2 fabric mills, a dye house, and 6 sewing manufacturers. Choosing Miik supports the employment of many tradespeople in an industry struggling to survive in Canada.

What we don't do in Canada

Did we mention the domestic textile and apparel industry is shrinking? Well, that means that once in awhile, we run into something we can’t do in Canada. We no longer have a local manufacturer that can produce the printed fabric we need, so we do use overseas suppliers specifically for our printed fabrics. Read more about it here.