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      Plus Size Capsule Collection





      NEW TO MIIK?
      Welcome! We're so happy you're here! We're Miik – a sustainable clothing brand produced entirely within the Toronto area. We're known for our buttery soft + stretchy fabric that we custom mill, and our durable, versatile designs. Our ethos as an ethical, women-run small biz has always been to Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good. For us, that includes producing eco-luxe clothing locally + giving back to the community. So with Miik, spending more now actually means spending less in the long run. Instead of buying a cheap garment that wears out after a year, every Miik style is made to last (customers report wearing the same pair of Miik leggings for over 6 years and counting!). Every piece is truly an investment. An investment in sustainability, in ethical consumerism, and in Canadian-made slow fashion.

      Miik's pillars: Comfortable, sustainable, Canadian + women run

      We've spent over a year learning and working to create our plus size line + get the fit as close to perfect as possible. We consulted plus size brand experts, hired a plus size fit model, and utilized the many years of plus size expertise of our pattern maker and production manager to create, re-work, and perfect the patterns of each style. Watch our founder Donna interview our fit model Kelly about the process!

      "What really makes Miik Plus Size different for me is the thoughtfulness in the little details of the design. The care. And I learned things that I wanted that I didn’t even know I wanted until you showed them to me — because I’m not used to large sizes catering that much or caring that much about how they fit on a large sized body."
      Kelly, Miik’s plus size fit model, size 3X

      Questions + Answers

      When did Miik launch plus sizes?

      We launched our first capsule on December 6th, 2023 and our second capsule on May 22nd, 2024! We streamed Live on our social media and right on our website with an online fashion show. You watch, comment, and shop while our staff and community models from sizes XL to 4X try on all the new + core styles in real time! It's like a fashion show you watch from the comfort of your couch. Check the Dec 6th show out here! And watch the May 22nd show here!

      Who is Miik and what are you all about?

      Well hey, we're glad you asked! We're Miik (rhymes with "click")! We are a sustainable clothing brand produced entirely within the Toronto area, best known for our buttery soft and stretchy styles that focus on versatility. Our ethos as an ethical, women-run small biz has always been to Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good. You can learn more about our story here and more about our Giving Back initiatives here.

      How many styles are launching in plus size?

      So far we have launched 17 styles - a combination of our bestselling, core styles and new designs - in sizes 2X, 3X and 4X.

      Will there be more styles?

      Yes! First and foremost, we want to make sure we get the fit of our plus size styles right. While we've worked for over a year to perfect our first few styles, we can't be sure we've got it exactly right until we hear from the gorgeous customers who actually wear the styles. We're already planning our next (more plentiful) launch of plus size styles, so once we gather feedback after our initial launches, we'll be able to keep moving ahead and improving our offerings.

      How much does shipping cost and how long will it take?

      Within Canada, orders will take approximately 2–9 business days to arrive after processing.

      Orders under $200 (before tax): flat rate $9.00 shipping, includes tracking
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      Shipments to the US can take 7–14 business days. Prices listed below apply to the contiguous US only. Surcharges apply for Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska.

      • Orders under $350 (before tax): $16.00 USD flat rate, includes tracking
        Orders $350 (before tax) and over: FREE shipping, includes tracking

      For full info on shipping rates click here.

      How can I model for Miik?

      Thank you so much for asking! We use real people - our staff and members of the Miik community - to model our clothes. If you want to become one of our community models, please fill out the form here!

      What took you so long to release plus sizes?

      We have no good answer to this question because there is no good answer. Offering more sizes has been a long time coming and we are truly sorry that it has taken us this long. As a company that prides itself in prioritizing ethics and inclusivity, improving our size range is something we have fallen short of – we can’t say we’re an ethical brand if we’re not actively working to make clothing that is inclusive of every body. We are actively working on it now, but we are sincerely sorry that it has taken us this long. For over a year, we have been working behind the scenes to start making this right. Hiring a Plus Size business consultant and getting educated. Pattern drafting with an experienced Plus Size pattern maker. Hiring an incredible Plus Size fit model and working (and re-working) the style samples until we were confident that the fit is as close to perfect as possible. Finding and photographing REAL Plus Size people in our clothes. This has been one of our most exciting business endeavors yet. And one that we promise to keep improving upon. We know we won’t get it perfect the first time around, but we hope you’ll join us for the journey as we continue to learn and grow, season after season. As we continue to improve our size range, we hope you will give us your feedback. We really listen to what our amazing customers have to say to us, and this is no exception — we are here to listen, learn, and take action.

      What are Miik's online fashion shows?

      We know it can be hard to shop online, so we want to make it easier! During our virtual online fashion shows, we stream Live to our website and social media so you can watch different-sized "models" try on our clothing for you in real time. The models, in fact, are members of the Miik team and community - real people, with real bodies! We do our best to show at least 3 different sizes each show as well as someone over 5'9" and someone under 5'3" when we can. We share everyone's measurements, too, so you can compare your own and get an idea of how styles would look on you. You get to watch, shop, and ask questions all at the same time. Or just sit back and enjoy the show!

      Why call it a "Plus Size" capsule?

      That’s a great question and thank you so much for asking it! We put a lot of thought into the language we would use in our Plus Size launch and are so open to feedback as we continue to learn more. We made the decision to call our Plus Size offerings Plus Size with encouragement from our plus size brand consultant. We did so with the knowledge that there is never a perfect answer: not everyone will identify with this language. Ultimately, we want people to be able to find Miik when they are searching for clothing in their size, and that happens by using common terminology. We know how hard it is for people in the Plus Size community to find clothing that they like and that is available in their size - not to mention high quality, ethically made in Canada and sustainable. One of the ways to make it known that we carry Plus Sizes is to share it loud and proud, with recognizable and well-searched terms. We are coming from the perspective of wanting to champion Plus Size bodies and sizes, make it known that we carry plus sizes, and hope to be able to show this regardless of the terminology we need to use for search engines, etc. We also want people to know that we have not just graded up from XL, that we have modified the styles and proportions for a better fit, which is also why it is important to us that we don’t just label with a size. We appreciate any additional thoughts you might have on this matter and welcome constructive criticism and dialogue in this space!

      What about 1X? I only see 2X, 3X, and 4X?

      We carry the equivalent of 1X in our sizing as "XXL". Look for size XXL instead of 1X to find your size.

      All of our styles are offered from sizes XS-XXL (1X); some of our styles will be offered from XS-4X; a few exclusive styles will be offered in 2X-4X only.

      How can I find my size?

      We have a variety of ways to help you find your perfect fit! Here are a few:

      1) Model measurements - find each model's measurements on each product's page, under the description in the Fit + Sizing tab

      2) Visual size guide - click here

      3) Fit + size calculator - click on the swinging hanger on any product page to use our tool that takes your details and measurements and calculates your size for you!

      4) Virtual fashion shows - compare your size and measurements with our staff and community models who try on our styles during our online fashion shows here!

      5) Size chart - use the size chart below to find your size based on your measurements!

      What about petite styles?

      While we have made some steps this year to offer our pants and leggings in shorter inseams, we know that additional steps can and should be taken for us to be more size inclusive to the petite community. We’re excited to tackle this project in 2024 and release a petite size capsule in fall/winter of next year. In the meantime, check out our website to see petite sized models wearing Miik on our website — and check out our “petite-friendly” tab. We would also love for you to fill out our 2 minute form at so that we can include you in our communications when we do have specific petite offerings available!

      Comfortable + stylish

      With Miik, you don’t have to compromise on style or ethics – our commitment to plus size clothing means that everything is tailored to celebrate every curve, so you look and feel fabulous. From leggings to dresses, casual to workwear, each piece is meticulously designed to flatter and fit real plus size women. And there are many MORE styles to come! Every garment is buttery soft with four-way stretch fabric, so you can binge-watch your favourite show in your Miik clothes and still be stylishly comfortable. These styles are trendy, yet functional enough to be in your capsule wardrobe forever. And our durable fabrics are made to last years and years without fading or losing their shape.

      Eco-friendly + sustainable

      At Miik, sustainability goes beyond using ethical practices and materials from sustainable sources. It is built into every stage of the garments we make. We custom-mill our fabrics locally in Canada, using sustainable materials like bamboo and modal (beech trees), sew and finish every garment in the Toronto area. We only pick the highest quality fabrics with low environmental impacts. And we've been this way from the very start. Learn more about sustainability at Miik.

      Made ethically in Canada

      From design to finished garment, Miik is proudly made in Canada. The entire garment production process happens within 50 km of our Toronto headquarters. This also allows us to oversee everything, ensuring only the highest quality of materials are being used, in facilities with great working conditions that we visit frequently and can confirm pay their employees an Ontario living wage. Our goal is to design clothes that have it all: stylish, timeless, eco-friendly, and made in Canada with processes we're proud of — and that you can be proud of too. By choosing to get your Canadian-made clothing from Miik, you support local businesses and help us keep the garment industry alive in Canada. Learn more about our Canadian-made clothing.