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      We have a NEW Size & Fit Calculator! Put your measurements into the tool ONCE and the tool will recommend your ideal size on every product going forward. Save your profile (or create more profiles with your loved ones' sizes), too.
      Click the swinging hanger icon (swinging hanger) on product pages to get started!
      Note: If you can't find the swinging hanger on a certain product, the tool may be unavailable for that specific product at this time. If you don't see the swinging hanger on any product at all, the tool is not available on the device you are on and we recommend using a different device until we're able to have the tool working everywhere. Thanks for your patience!
      Step 1) Find the tool on the product page (it's the swinging hanger!) and click it to start.
      Step 2) Enter your height, weight, and age.
      Step 3) Tailor the body proportions to match your own.
      Step 4) Click on "Add details for more accuracy" and add your exact hip, waist, and bust measurements. This will give you the absolute most accurate recommendation! We highly recommend you complete this step.
      Step 5) Done! You've got your personal size recommendation!
      Optional: Save your Profile by clicking the female silhouette in the top right corner of the tool and adding in your name.