At Miik, sustainability goes beyond using eco-friendly textiles and production methods. It’s built into the entire lifecycle of each garment we produce.

We believe sustainability is an ongoing process. Textiles, production methods, and the fashion industry as a whole are evolving and we're excited to be part of the slow fashion movement. We're not perfect, but we're always learning, improving, and making changes so that every day we can be better than before. Here are some of the ways we strive for sustainability at Miik.

Environmentally-friendly processes

We custom mill our fabrics from fibres derived from sustainable sources like bamboo and beech trees. When choosing fibres, we look for high quality and low environmental impact. We are aligned with the CanopyStyle initiative, whose goal is to eliminate fibre sourcing from the trees of ancient and endangered forests. The initiative also incentivizes the development of cellulosic fabrics from alternative fibre sources, like recycled fabrics and agricultural residues. We're always on the lookout for new ways to create better, more sustainable fabrics. To read more about each of the types of fabric we use, click here.

Our contractors use environmentally-responsible processes for turning the natural fibres into yarn and for dying our fabrics. All our fabrics are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified—safer for you and for our planet.

Producing locally

When we call ourselves a Canadian brand, we mean it. We mill and dye most of our fabrics and design and sew all our garments within 50 km of downtown Toronto. A small amount of our fabric is produced abroad—see our fabrics page to read why—but we try to keep our carbon footprint small by producing as much as we can close to home. It also means we can get up close and personal at all stages of production, ensuring the highest quality garments and safe, fair working conditions for everyone involved. Win, win, win!

Minimizing waste

We hate leftovers. From producing only a carefully calculated number of garments per season to ensuring the tightest fabric yields, we strive to produce as little waste as possible. We use leftover fabric to create samples, small items like scarves, in future collections, or donate to local fashion schools and seamstresses. Any finished garments that don’t pass our quality inspection are worn by the Miik team (we love them in all their imperfect glory!), our friends and family, or sold at a discount.

Fewer clothes that do more

Versatility is at the core of our design philosophy. The more ways you can wear a single piece of clothing, the fewer you need (and the more you’ll appreciate what you have). Many of our styles are reversible and all of them can be mixed and matched in many different ways. It’s also important to us that even our most tailored and formal pieces are just as comfortable as our casual loungewear, so you’ll truly love to wear them everywhere. It’s work-to-weekend, desk-to-date-night, truly versatile style.

Clothing that lasts

The longer you’re able to wear your clothes, the longer they stay out of the landfill. How long you'll wear them all comes down to style and durability. We strive to create timeless styles that you’ll be able to wear for years to come, even as trends come and go. We use rayon from bamboo and MicroModal not only because they’re luxuriously soft fabrics, but because they hold rich colours and resist fading, pilling, shrinking, and losing their shape like fabrics from other natural sources. Combined with the highest quality construction, Miik clothes are built to last.