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      Donna and her husband Michael Orange skirt

      It all started with an ugly skirt.

      In 2010, when Miik founder Donna Smith saw the bamboo skirt her husband had brought home for her—yes it was orange—she wasn’t immediately impressed. Sure, the fabric was eco-friendly, but the design and colour? Not her style.

      But then she tried it on.

      “I remember prancing around the kitchen just to keep getting that feeling of the fabric brushing against my legs. Nothing in my closet felt that good.”

      Fashion be damned—she wore that ugly skirt all summer.

      Although it took her most of the season to process, she realized there just might be something to this fabulously comfortable skirt. If she was willing to wear a skirt she didn’t even like just because it felt so good, how much would she wear a style she absolutely loved in the same buttery soft fabric?

      Garments on hangers Two women wearing blazers

      Her desire for the perfect blend of style, comfort and sustainability led to Miik: a luxe line of women’s fashion that proves we can have it all. Miik has a continuously growing base of loyal customers with a staggering number of Miik pieces in their closets."That says it all to me. It’s one thing to buy one or two pieces, but that they just keep coming back year after year means we’ve found that sweet spot for women. They can count on the fit, the fabric and they know they’ll still be wearing that blazer or legging in five years time," said Donna.

      Unless, of course, their daughter has stolen it.

      We design two streamlined collections each year with something for everyone. Miik will never follow the latest fads, because most women we know care a lot more about how they feel in a garment than what the latest fast fashion trend is. We make clothes that help women to feel beautiful and confident, with a focus on durable, lasting, sustainable fabrics. We want you to be able to wear our pieces for the next 10 years, not just for a season.

      Models wearing Miik clothing

      Miik clothing is for the woman who does it all. She has a busy schedule, a lot on the go, and she just doesn’t have time to worry about her outfit! She wants to look put together, but doesn’t want to have to try too hard. Sound familiar?

      Our Ethos

      Look Good

      Designed by women, for women, our collection of timeless classics and on-trend statement styles are designed to fit and flatter your body. Thoughtful tailoring and a variety of silhouettes to choose from ensure you’ll love how you look in Miik.

      Feel Good

      We custom mill our fabrics from sustainably-sourced fibres. They’re buttery soft, breathable, and feature 4-way stretch—even our most tailored blazers move effortlessly with you. No stiff, restrictive, scratchy clothing here!

      Do Good

      Sustainability has been our priority since day one (and we have a lot to say about it—read more here), as is maintaining an ethical manufacturing process. From design to finished garment, Miik is produced in Canada. Manufacturing locally lets us monitor working conditions and ensure fair pay and respect for all our workers.

      Clothing manufacturing