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      From our leggings to our tailored blazers, our entire collection is made from buttery soft, eco-luxe fabrics with 4-way stretch. Whether you’re in a business meeting or binge watching TV on the weekend, you NEVER need to sacrifice style for comfort. This is fashion for real life.

      We intentionally select fabrics that are not only sustainable and kind to the environment, but that are durable, long lasting and luxuriously comfortable. Our core fabrics include rayon from bamboo and MicroModal. Rayon from bamboo and MicroModal don't fade or lose their shape like other naturally-sourced fibres. They are buttery soft, breathable, move with you and won't lose their shape over time. Read more about our fabrics.

      Our tailored blazers have the perfect balance of stretch and structure, allowing you to look perfectly put together without feeling constricted. Many of our blazers are constructed with fusing in the front panels, which gives the design a tailored feel without having to compromise on comfort. One of our customers, Bev, wrote to us saying, "That blazer is wonderful. It feels like wearing a comfy hoodie." Countless customers have reached out to us, expressing how shocked they are to find a blazer so soft and comfortable that it feels like they're wearing cozy loungewear all day at work.

      Closeup detail of a herringbone blazer

      We also continue to hear that women love the look of a wool sweater or blazer but can’t wear them because they find the fabric too hot or too itchy. Miik has developed a range of fabrics that have the look of wool but are as buttery soft, cozy and breathable as our rayon from bamboo and MicroModal fabrics. You honestly have to feel it to believe it! Read more about these fabrics.

      We take comfort a step further.

      To us, being comfortable is not just about finding comfy clothes. It’s about being comfortable in your skin: not comparing yourself to others, trying to keep up with the latest trends, or letting other people define who you are and what you wear. You get to choose. Being comfortable means embracing who you are, right now.

      Let’s face it–no matter what we look like, there are parts of our bodies we love, and others we’d prefer to keep to ourselves.

      We design our collections with a variety of body types in mind. Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder or a stay at home mom; whether you wear blazers every day or prefer lounging in leggings; whether you're just starting a career or kicking back in retirement, self-love starts on the inside and works its way out. It doesn't matter what age, shape or size you are, Miik has created something for you.

      Our mission is to bring joy, confidence and self-love to every Miik customer. When you wear Miik, we want you to feel like your clothes highlight your best features. Just think about how glorious it feels to walk into a room and totally own it, knowing you've got coverage where you want it (and where you don't!), that you can move without feeling restricted, that your clothes are soft and comfy but you look like a million bucks... the endless compliments don’t hurt either!

      “I love Miik clothes. They are always complimented and everyone is amazed how they balance looking like a grown-up with the feeling of being in cozies.” - Meghan

      "I want to thank you for designing clothing for different body shapes. Both the thickness of the fabric and the subtle "extra" layer still allows for a feminine look while not clinging to that inevitable mid section. I am a size 10 but find it very difficult to find clothing that doesn't make me feel like a giant. I have managed to do this with your clothing. You have saved both my wardrobe, and my mind." - Rebecca

      “Miik’s clothes are the most comfortable things you’ll ever wear. The feel of jammies with the sleek, polished look of high fashion.” - Claire Tansey

      For us, "comfortable" isn't just a buzzword or afterthought—it dictates the fabrics we use, the silhouettes we design, and the final garments that go into production. There's nothing better than putting on a piece of clothing that makes you feel just as good as you look.