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      Hilary Clinton Tosca RenoTestimonials

      You guys have the best blazers! I've been slowly replacing all of my blazers with Miik's!

      - Katie

      To whom it may concern:

      Thank you for being an outstanding role model for businesses across Canada. Your compassion to the environment and sustainability leaves no room for consumer guilt in a world where the price tag is often a fraction of the real cost of clothing. You commitment to minimizing your carbon footprint, protecting forests, supporting fair and equitable workplaces, using organic fabrics, and workplace transparency is not only refreshing but commendable.

      Thank you for recognizing the importance of local and Canadian-made manufacturing - to own and wear a piece of clothing that was made not 50 km from where I live is a feat not often accomplished by Canadians. I am a proud Canadian, and I am proud to wear your clothing. 

      Thank you for accomplishing all of the above, and creating beautiful and durable pieces of clothing. I own a pair of Lisa leggings that pair seamlessly with work and leisure, feel just as soft after two years of use, and are an important staple in my wardrobe. I recently bought my first Emily blazer and have received compliment after compliment - thank you for creating comfortable pieces of quality clothing. I look forward to enjoying both of these (among others) for many years to come. 

      Thank you!  - Emily

      Hi everyone at Miik,

      I wanted to express my appreciation for the Miik experience.  On one hand, the clothes are extraordinary, both beautiful and environmentally and ethically conscious.  However, to have the full Miik experience, it is important to deal with customer service inquiries.  I have had interaction with Maureen on a number of occasions.  She has helped locate specific items, made suggestions for substitutions when items are no longer available and helped me navigate promotions.  She is a credit to Miik and has made my day in a number of instances.

      Thank you, - Anne

      Maureen, I have actually been meaning to message you.  I received them a few days ago and they are brilliant.  The material is gorgeous and I see no possible flaws having taken a good look and given them a try on (and the fit is way better). Thanks so much for your wonderful customer service - you’ve definitely got a client/advocate for life.

      Best,- Melissa

      Christmas!!  I received the beautiful pinstripe jacket (which I have long coveted) and tunics! They are lovely.

      Thank you so much for these beautiful pieces.  I will wear with pride.

      Warmly and with thanks. - Tosca 

      Hi Maureen,

      Confirming receipt of the medium lilac Remi shirt. It fits fabulously and, is the coolest material that I have discovered.

      Thanks for your support. I shall visit the website again the near future.

      Kind regard.  - Christine

      Just saw a play in Stratford and the women in front of me in line was also wearing a Miik dress. We both talked about how much we love Miik and how many pieces we own. - Lori

      Just had to share. Was in class at Sheridan and noticed my prof was wearing the most amazing jacket. I was super distracted.  I asked her afterward where she got it and she said it's from a Toronto based company called Miik. She said she loves everything you make and has a ton of your blazers as they are so comfy for work. I am now hooked.  - Lauren

      Order received and I love the fabric and fit. My only problem will be that everyone else now wants to copy?  - Lyn


      I am in love with your product, thank you for making bamboo and sustainable clothing in a structured form that I can use every day. I need bamboo because I tend to smell part way through the day in synthetic materials (surprise, surprise) but I have struggled to find good-quality ethically-sourced clothing in designs that I can wear everyday.

      For the last bit of this "thank you" e-mail I also want to thank you for designing clothing for different body shapes. Both the thickness of the fabric and the subtle "extra" layer still allows for a feminine look while not clinging to that inevitable mid section. I am a size 10 but find it very difficult to find clothing that doesn't make me feel like a giant. I have managed to do this with your clothing. You have saved both my wardrobe, and my mind.

      I live in Nova Scotia and I have been purchasing my clothing at Boso in the Sunnyside Mall. They have a lovely store, selection, and the service is just wonderful. All this being said, I was wondering if you have a storefront in Toronto of your own. I will be traveling there in July and I was hoping to see the full-line of clothing versus just a selection. I want to support my local shop but would also like to take advantage of the ability to have as much of the line that suits my body type.

      Thank you again. I look forward to hearing from you. - Rebecca

      Received legging ordered.
      I love how soft they feel, and fit so well.
      Thanks so much - Betty

      I was at my doctors and said to her, love your jacket…which she promptly took off, made me try it on, and feel it!!! Obviously it was from MIIK! Do you know what store in the GTA carries the largest line of your product? Thanks - Sharon


      Thanks Maureen. It arrived today. It looks great.

      Thanks again for proving there are still companies willing to stand behind their work.


      Much appreciated - Jenn Stevens


      Hi Maureen

      I MUST tell you I ADORE this tunic that you suggested. I received it in the mail this week and am thrilled/love it. My husband loves it too. The material and style are fabulous. I absolutely love it and you were right the small fits perfectly VERY happy!  I really appreciated our talk on the phone about the exchange.

      The styles you create are more me than I have found anywhere.

      Thanks so much again - Carrie

      Hello Miik team,

      I got the Camilla and Zoey dresses I ordered from your website in the mail on Monday. They're both so beautiful. I wanted to thank you for making such lovely, comfortable, classic, and flattering clothing. My middle aged figure is not what it used to be, and I have struggled in the past to find clothing that I look good and feel good in. I'm so happy to have found you.

      I can hardly wait for the snow here in Ottawa to melt and the temperature to warm up so I can wear my new clothes. - Carol 

      Hi Bonnie. Just had my Miik order arrive which is great. Have not yet got it out of the boxes and sold this morning 11 pieces which is a great start! - Trish

      I'm looking forward to the release of your spring line. I just discovered your clothing last fall and absolutely love them. They're so comfortable and classic. I've bought several pieces. In fact I'm wearing my Tracy tunic right now. I've bought some pieces at a local store -Green Tree - and several fron Miik online. Dealing with your staff has just been a wonderful experience. You definitely have a big fan in me. - Carol 

      I just wanted to say I adore wearing your products.  I wear it for business and casual and it now dominates my wardrobe.  I had a lot of other blazers that now just don’t seem to be as comfortable so I don’t reach for them nearly as easily. - Jessica

      I am so happy I discovered your clothing. I love bamboo fabric and comfortable but stylish clothes. - Joline

      I bought a couple pieces at Shopgirls last weekend and am in love! - Sarah

      Thank you. Everything is b e a u t i f u l -- amazing. Thank you Logan & Finley for carrying Miik! - Erica

      Thank you! This is my favourite clothing line. - Sam

      I have just received my new tunic and it is exactly what I wanted.  Thank you so much.  I now have a blazer and a tunic and look forward to ordering more in the future. - Elizabeth

      I bought an Emily blazer today at Higher Ground.  The lapel looks nice and sharp and it fits great.  Thanks again for your brilliant customer service.  I cannot sing your praises enough. - Sonya

      Every outfit I have worn gets a compliment and it's SOOO comfy! - Beth

      Wanted to let you know that earlier this week, wearing my charcoal Yara and Emily, a new client commented on how great they were. I told her they were Miik and she said,”I knew it!”  Turns out she frequents Posh. Her next comment was, “Well, you just sold a suit.” Last week wearing my wine Emily another client commented. Again, told her it was Miik. She too shops at Posh and is aware of your brand. Just thought I’d let you know that Miik is known and loved!!  - Jane

      I bought the Emily jacket, white dress, black dress and a purple tunic. They are my favourite go-to clothes and I want more! - Fiona

      I have renovated my wardrobe with MIIK, and as per your tagline, wrap myself in them regularly! - Rachael

      Thank you! Miik is my favourite clothing line! - Diana

      Many thanks. I have been so impressed with the quality of goods and the customer service.  I will continue to purchase and tell my friends about your great company. - Shauna

      Your response and attention to this means a great deal.  As I indicated, I am definitely a fan of Miik clothing and this level of service only reinforces what a great company Miik is. - Tess

      I always have been, and will continue to be a loyal customer of Miik! Thanks for showing you care about your customers. - Elaina

      I received the Emily Petite Small Blazer in charcoal yesterday, and I just want to say thank you so much for making such a wonderful piece - it fits PERFECTLY in all the right places, and so comfortable - exactly what I was looking for. - Hannah I feel like a princess! Like a goddess! This is the most exquisite dress. Thank you so much! - Ariana

      I love the fact that I can wear the blazer all through my maternity and then afterwards! - Emily

      The blazer is so soft and stretchy but looks like a tailored blazer. I am a lawyer – didn't realize it would look so corporate! I need to get rid of all my other blazers! - Sharon