Slow Fashion vs. Fast Fashion: how Miik is taking a stand against a dangerous trend.

Posted on March 02 2016


North Americans have fallen into a dangerous habit and desire for "fast fashion" – apparel that’s made cheaply overseas and sold inexpensively where the merchandise is constantly being replenished with newer, trendier items.

This trend has alarming effects on the environment. According to the documentary "The True Cost" and shared in a recent article in Vogue, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth, just behind oil. Terrifying, right? 

So what got us here? Here are just a few reasons why the fast fashion industry is wreaking havoc on our planet:

1. The majority of clothes are made abroad. In the mid-1960s, 95% of America's clothes were made domestically; today, 97% are made abroad. How does that impact the environment? It's all in how these clothes are being shipped around the world...trains, ships, trucks - they all require an excessive amount of fuel and produce an excessive amount of pollution. Just one ship alone can produce as much cancer and asthma-causing pollutants as 50 million cars! 

2. Making clothes with cheap fabrics that suck our resources. Cotton is the most commonly used natural fiber, and yet it requires its fair share of water, pesticides and insecticides. Similarly, polyester and nylon are not biodegradable, require lots of energy when manufactured and nylon emits a large amount of nitrous oxide, whose impact on global warming is almost 300 times that of carbon dioxide. 

3. Chemicals. They are polluting our waters and air. Take the Citarum River in Indonesia for example. The clothing manufacturers lining the banks dump their chemical waste directly into the water system - essentially making it on open sewer and threatening both wildlife and humans. 

4. Clothes don't last, so they end up in landfills. Brands are now making clothes as fast as possible, churning out new styles almost daily and essentially creating an addiction to shopping and ultimately "disposable clothing". Low prices and cheap quality means people wear items once or twice then ditch them for the newer version. 

As a strong supporter of the "slow fashion" movement, Miik creates high quality, luxury pieces that are designed to last and look great with a minimal impact on the environment.

    How do we do it?

    Our entire process is based right here in the GTA. Miik works with local mills to knit and dye our custom fabrics and each piece is designed and sewn locally. Thus reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the harmful effects of excessive overseas shipping.

    We use sustainably sources fabrics. Our core fabric, rayon from bamboo, is made from bamboo grown on certified organic farms. Unlike cotton, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and does not require any chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers or even water to grow! In fact, it actually improves soil quality and absorbs carbon dioxide, generating more oxygen than the same amount of trees.

    Miik's manufacturing process is closely monitored
    . All aspects of our process are approved under strict guidelines ensuring little to no chemical pollutants. The fabric is dyed in Agincourt, Ontario under strict guidelines from OEKO Canada.

    Each item is designed and made with care to ensure its quality
    . Our custom-milled luxury fabrics are made to last, the colours don't fade and the expert tailoring ensures a perfect fit. The timeless designs also make for wardrobe staples that remain in your closet year after year – and not in a landfill!


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