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      Miik's Blog — ethical fashion


      Why is sustainable clothing and slow fashion so expensive? The cost of ethical, eco-friendly fashion made in Canada

      Listen friends, we're no strangers to the fact that made in Canada clothing costs significantly more than fast fashion brands. But we CAN guarantee you that in the long run, ours will cost you the same, if not LESS than that $25 t-shirt you buy online or at your local shopping mall. Wait, come again? Yes, it's true! Let's break it down together.

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      Miik's Sustainable Clothing Holiday Gift Guide

      Miik's Sustainable Clothing Holiday Gift Guide
      Give the gift of Miik this holiday season! If you’re looking for ethical and local Canadian made Christmas gifts for all the amazing ladies in your life, look no further. Our unbelievably comfortable, sustainable clothing is designed for women, by women, with eco-luxe fabrics that last. We’ve put together a list of 5 different types of women you might be buying for this season. 

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      We Need a Fashion Revolution

      Who made my clothes?

      What is Fashion Revolution?

      On April 24, 2013, more than 1,100 people were killed and many more were injured when Rana Plaza, an eight-storey building housing a garment factory, collapsed in Bangladesh. The event sparked worldwide discussion about the safety and wellbeing of garment industry workers and the conditions they are forced to endure. From this tragedy, Fashion Revolution was born and has since grown into a global movement to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

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