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      Miik on Cityline: Shop the segment

      Miik on Cityline: Shop the segment

      Miik on Cityline

      Miik was excited to be featured on Cityline’s Fashion Friday this June. Host Tracy Moore and stylist Jessica Mulroney talked eco-friendly summer outfits that suit any age and size. Watch the video here and shop the featured looks below.

       Cityline Look 1

      Dubbed “the new business suit” by Jessica, the Silvie pant* worn high-waisted with the Elora blazer is a trendy way to mix up your work wardrobe. Hesitant about horizontal stripes? This tailored jacket is a figure-flattering way to pull them off.


      Cityline Look 2

      For an easy but polished on-the-go look, the Jojo jumper* is perfect. Take it from day to evening by topping it off with the Claire cropped jacket in jazzberry.


      Cityline Look 3

      A staple for summer, the Shania maxi dress is so comfy and versatile. For breezy days and cooler nights, throw on the Whitney cardi—as comfy as your favourite hoodie, but a lot more stylish.


      Cityline Look 4

      A tunic and leggings are the perfect pairing for travel. The Carissa tunic has modern styling with its square neckline and asymmetrical hem. Two Miik essentials—our Lisa2 capri leggings and Emily jacket—complete the look.


      Cityline Look 5

      So elegant for summer nights: the Shea tulip pant,* Kamran vest, and Lea tank in natural. As Jessica says, it’s “sexy without trying too hard” and would suit any woman.


      * Due to the success of the show, these styles may be temporarily sold out or available only in limited sizes. We're working quickly to make more, so check back soon!


      We Need a Fashion Revolution

      We Need a Fashion Revolution

      Who made my clothes?

      On April 24, 2013, more than 1,100 people were killed and many more were injured when Rana Plaza, an eight-storey building housing a garment factory, collapsed in Bangladesh. The event sparked worldwide discussion about the safety and wellbeing of garment industry workers and the conditions they are forced to endure. From this tragedy, Fashion Revolution was born and has since grown into a global movement to raise awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry.

      The issues plaguing today’s clothing industry are numerous and complex. Exploitation of workers runs rampant, including everything from being forced to work in dangerous conditions, to working long hours with no breaks, unfair pay, child labour, intimidation and threats, and verbal and physical abuse. The environmental costs are also overwhelming, from the huge amounts of natural resources consumed, to the resulting pollution at all stages of production. Pesticides, toxic dyes, contaminated water, carbon emissions from production and transportation, disposal of garments in landfills—it has been suggested that the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, surpassed only by oil.

      It sounds bleak—an unsurmountable challenge. How can we change such a complicated industry fueled by a global demand for fast, cheap clothing?

      During Fashion Revolution Week, we can focus on the first small step: transparency. The #whomademyclothes campaign encourages consumers to demand greater transparency from the brands they support. Knowing where and how our clothes are made is key to inciting change in the industry. When we know more about our clothes, we can make better, more informed choices about what we buy. When we choose clothing that is made fairly, it sends the message to all brands that we will not support social and environmental exploitation.

      This week, use the hashtag on social media to ask brands #whomademyclothes and show that you support a more open, fair, sustainable fashion industry. Visit the Fashion Revolution website and learn more about why we need radical change. And of course, follow Miik on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where we’ll be responding with #imadeyourclothes and sharing more about the people behind our brand!


      Lost luggage – 4 days with one dress

      Lost luggage – 4 days with one dress

      My husband, two daughters and I went to Costa Rica for two weeks in February. When we arrived, my luggage was lost. Ahhh! You would think I could just borrow my daughters' clothes but just picture me in a short skirt and belly shirt—not happening. I wasn't crazy worried as I assumed it would just arrive the next day. But no—it didn't arrive for 4 days! 

      Luckily, I packed one dress, a bathing suit and a pair of underwear in my carry-on. And as it turned out, the Tia dress was the perfect piece to pack. We were to spend the first four days at an eco lodge in the rain forest—which, by the way, was absolutely stunning. When we arrived, it was unexpectedly cold at night, so for dinner I layered up the Tia with the Mandy cardi I wore on the plane. Perfect. 

      The next day we awoke to the most breathtaking views from our room. This place was even more beautiful than the photos! After breakfast we did a spectacular waterfall hike in the rain forest. Wow, so incredible. It was quite hot but the Tia is so cool and light, and such a simple design, that it worked great with the running shoes that I'd worn on the plane. So far, so good.

      After lunch, we hit the pool and guess what—she worked just as beautifully as a bathing suit coverup. Check out the view. Seriously. When we went for dinner that night, it was even colder as we were eating outside. Thank goodness I could just ruche up the Tia like a tunic and was able to wear my Miik leggings and the same Mandy cardi. The bonus: because it is so light, I could just wash and hang to dry in our room. 

      My luggage finally arrived on the day we were leaving the rain forest and heading back to San José to pick up my other daughter, who could only join us for the second week of the trip. It arrived just as we were leaving the hotel. What a relief!

      Funnily enough, when my hubby took me to New Orleans for my birthday a few weeks later, the Tia was one of four dresses I packed! I was planning on indulging in the infamous cajun food so did not want to worry about sucking in my stomach :)

      If you are curious about this spectacular place in Costa Rica—we stayed at The Peace Lodge just an hour outside of San José. I would highly recommend it. The waterfalls and animal reserve are right on the hotel grounds. Just stunning.

      Our Spring 2017 Collection is here!

      Our Spring 2017 Collection is here!

      We’re so thrilled to finally unveil our Spring/Summer 2017 Collection! 

      This season’s line is inspired by you, the Miik woman. You are constantly evolving – working to improve yourself inside and out, and so are we. You inspire us by conquering new challenges, meeting new demands, always learning and growing.  In response, we’ve taken our collection to a new level. We’ve included more sophisticated pieces, even softer fabrics (like our new MicroModal) in fluid styles that are easy to wear. We’ve also introduced a bold black and natural stripe and an elegant leaf pattern in jazzberry and natural.

      This season you’ll find our signature silhouettes with a modern twist. With dresses, tunics, tops, cardis, pants and even a jumpsuit – your spring wardrobe is ready to take you from the cottage to the conference room with unparalleled versatility and comfort. 

      As always, our entire collection is produced with a minimized environmental footprint in mind. We design, dye, custom mill and sew locally. Balancing ethical practices with style, we design for the long term. 

      We invite you to view the full line by clicking HERE.

      Not just any black legging

      Not just <i>any</i> black legging

      Leggings have become an indisputable wardrobe staple for women of all ages, shapes and styles. But, any legging-lover will tell you that not all are created equal. There are the saggy ones that stretch out around your knees. Some fade so much you’re scared to wash them. And of course, there are the waistbands that squeeze and roll, giving you the dreaded muffin-top. 

      The worst is that you never really know what to expect—sure, they seem fine at the store, but after multiple washes and wears, will you be back on the hunt for a replacement? 

      At Miik, we take leggings seriously and are committed to bringing you the best. It all starts with our signature fabric – our custom milled rayon from bamboo is buttery soft against your skin yet surprisingly durable. Our bamboo doesn’t pill or lose its shape like other natural fibers and boasts a rich opaque black so you won’t have to worry about see-through leggings. Plus, bamboo naturally retains the dye better than other textiles so your leggings will stay their blackest black, year after year.

      Next, we focus on fit. Our Lisa2 legging’s 4-inch waistband acts as a super comfy control top (to smooth out that pesky muffin-top) or can be rolled down over the hips if you prefer a lower rise. The stitching is less sporty than other styles, making the Lisa2 great for dressing up or dressing down. 

      Share with us on social media how YOU style your leggings. #LoveMyMiik